ANCA-Glendale Announces Endorsements for April 4 Elections

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GLENDALE, Calif.— The Armenian National Committee of America, Glendale Chapter (ANCA-Glendale) announces the endorsement of incumbents Rafi Manoukian for City Treasurer, Ardy Kassakhian for City Clerk, as well as Dr. Armine Hacopian for Glendale Community College Board of Trustees (GCC) District 3, and Ann H. Ransford for GCC District 2. ANCA-Glendale encourages a Yes vote on the Ballot Measure L, which will amend the City Charter to require a 3-year term limit for councilmembers.

The endorsed candidates have worked closely with the ANCA-Glendale on issues concerning the Armenian American Community, and improving the quality of life and social welfare of all Glendale residents. The organization’s recommendations for Glendale Unified School District Board of Education Glendale Community College District 4, and City Council will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Current Glendale City Treasurer, Rafi Manoukian, who is running unopposed, has also served as Councilmember (two terms) and as Glendale City Mayor (two terms). Well known amongst voters, Manoukian has spent the last four years managing the city portfolio and growing the city’s revenue.

Current Glendale City Clerk, Ardy Kassakhian who is running unopposed, was first elected as City Clerk in 2005. He has spent the last four years implementing an easily accessible online platform for Glendale Voters— and increasing voter participation from underrepresented communities by providing election information in more languages.

Dr. Armine Hacopian who is running unopposed in GCC District 3, currently serves as the Vice President of the GCC Board of Trustees. Ann H. Ransford who is running unopposed in GCC District 2, currently serves as Clerk of the GCC Board of Trustees. Both individuals have spent many years advocating for students and implementing much needed and vital improvements to the GCC campus and maintaining a high quality of education.

In the upcoming April 4th Glendale Municipal Election, voters will be able to elect three candidates for City Council, one City Treasurer, one City Clerk, and cast a yes or no vote on Ballot Measure L. Additionally, for the first time in Glendale’s history, GUSD and GCC will hold elections for seats representing specific geographic areas—districts/ trustee areas. GUSD which is divided into 5 districts (A, B, C, D, E) will only hold elections for districts B, C and D. Similarly, GCC which is also divided into 5 districts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) will only hold elections for districts 2, 3 and 4.

If you are a Glendale resident, and a US Citizen who isn’t registered to vote, please note that the deadline to register to vote is March 20th. For more information about the upcoming election, registration and absentee ballots, please visit or log on to If you have any questions, please contact the ANCA-Glendale Community Outreach Director Margarita Baghdasaryan directly at or call 818.243.3444

The ANCA-Glendale advocates for the social, economic, cultural, and political rights of the city’s Armenian American community and promotes increased civic participation at the grassroots and public policy levels.

Anahid Oshagan, Jackie Tomasian, Artin Manoukian, Ann Ransford, Lucy Petrosian, Raymond Khachadourian

Jackie Tomasian, Anahid Oshagan, Artin Manoukian, Armine Hacopian, Lucy Petrosian, Raymond Khachadourian